Special Celebrations

We have developed a special way to celebrate a special event – create a specialised web site.  What we create is more intimate than Facebook and can be published world wide or kept discreet.  Here are a couple of ideas:

For Kate who was turning 60, we developed a 10 week program with an update to her web site and an email.  Each week had a theme such as planning the 60th birthday, benefits of a Seniors Card, or how your body deteriorates.  All our information came from Google searches.

For Hayden who was celebrating a milestone birthday far away from home, we created a web site and asked his friends to post a greeting.  We were amazed at the creativity.  And for those who were not brave enough to post their own greeting, we invited them to send it via email so we could post it.

Creating the site was a lot of fun and it allowed more people to join the celebrations.

If you have a special someone celebrating a special event, why not let us help you create a web site and amaze them!  Contact Thea by email with your details.