Thea Stainsby is a baby boomer who was lucky enough to grow up as a Beatlemaniac.  After finishing school she skipped Uni and took on a career in computing.  It was frightening, recently, to find her first computer in the Melbourne Museum next to the dinosaurs.

Thea has been a computer operator, a programmer, a systems engineer, a computer/network manager, a trainer, a tester, a process engineer, a project manager, a database manager, a support specialist, a professional services deliverer.

Thea is also part of Caffeine Concepts, a springboard for collaborative thinking that combines creative thinking from the areas of computer science, mathematics, multimedia, film, marketing, communication, and design.

With all these skills and resources behind her, Thea now provides a consultancy service to:

  • Provide skilled computer services in the areas of testing, data validation and cleansing, documentation and service delivery.
  • Provide one-on-one assistance in using computers (how to back up, how to find a file, how to make more space, how to send smarter emails and smarter stuff as well).
  • Build web sites, using the WordPress framework for blogging or small business.  This might include help to register and host a web site.
  • Find a special way to send a special greeting for a special celebration.

If you would like some help, contact Thea by email with your contact details.